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Aircon Cleaning Company In Singapore

When you think about the cost of air conditioning a commercial building, you want to do everything you can to keep those expenses as low as you can. Business owners never go wrong when they schedule regular maintenance through an aircon maintenance agreement.

Business owners may feel that it is just an added expense to have regular aircon maintenance particularly if they have just installed a new system. However, it is one of the best investments that any business can make, and since you have just installed the unit, it is the perfect time to get the best deal from your heating and air conditioner contractor.

During regularly scheduled aircon maintenance, your air conditioning technician will thoroughly clean the system and check all the components to ascertain whether or not there are signs of wear and tear. When problems are located, such as a part that requires replacing, the technician will at that time recommend the necessary repairs to keep the unit running efficiently.

When air con maintenance Singapore is regularly applied, there is little need to be concerned about having to call for expensive emergency services to fix a problem that could have been avoided. It is not responsible for business owners to defer aircon maintenance until the air conditioner breaks down completely. In the interest of saving time, money and comfort levels the astute business owner will take the initiative to schedule the right maintenance for all of their equipment including the air conditioner.

When you can catch a problem in the making, and repair it before it can cause more damage, you are better off than if you wait until there is more evidence that the air conditioning system is in major trouble. The best time to get started scheduling air con maintenance Singapore is when you are having a new system installed.

With regards to installing or servicing a feeling conditioner, you ought to get fast, professional service they deserve. The business should specialize in installing and supplying all kinds of air conditioner units because of not only businesses but private dwellings also. Customers expect a business that maintains the best standards of integrity; using this company it is exactly what they get.

A feeling conditioning service includes things like cleaning and washing filters, cleansing the evaporator coil, checking the condenser unit, washing the blower wheel, fan blade and drain pan, flushing the drain pipe and checking for any noise problems. The wonderful expertise from the experienced, motivated and skilled staff fulfills certain requirements in the customer with total commitment. They focus on with many brands which are available on the market. They'll install and repair indoor and outdoor units, window units, and casement units.

The technicians politely and readily answer any queries a customer might have concerning the service and condition of the unit. They think in preventative maintenance also. By preventing water leaking they'll enhance the cooling performance of the unit, prolong a lifetime of the unit and save an individual money before they realize it has been saved. Other benefits breathe clean, fresh air for that life of an aura conditioner. There can be no foretelling when an aura conditioner will quit working, freeze over, or stop blowing cool air. Preventive maintenance will help with these types of problems. Chemical cleaning is an excellent method that they will assist the air conditioner inside a residence or business.

This is vital for your performance and lifetime of your ac with time as well as for reducing your power bills drastically. In this context you will find excellent HVAC service systems and duct cleaning services companies which stand out with regards to experience and expertise. A professional company will require the time to listen to your wants and needs and design a distinctive solution to match your home or office.

Environmental surroundings conditioners' ducts along with other components need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 years for a lot of many reasons. This article makes an effort to demonstrate the actual necessity behind duct cleaning of installed air conditioning units following a prolonged period.

Firstly, you'd want that the air conditioner runs well and provides you valued added services. But such a quantity of homeowners fail to seem to comprehend the fact that there is a normal deterioration of machinery that can take through the years of usage. This deterioration can be controlled by regular maintenance and cleaning, especially in the ducts along with other components too. While using the passage of your time, the air conditioner is required to continue to work harder for cooling your home. When your ac is cleaned well enough and regularly, it'll save on repair costs, spares and will also be much profitable over time. Though your upfront costs will seem high initially, this is much valuable in the long term.

Now with relation to its cleaning and servicing your air conditioning units which is components, you need to ensure it is produced by qualified and experienced service having a substantial quantity of knowledge of the field. A newcomer or an inexperienced company may lessen the performance or damage the air conditioner altogether because of lack of skill and expertise. There are many substandard firms that offer service deals for as low as $100; such as the get lured to their clutches, for they'll extract $100 a lot of times showing you false reports and problems. However, a standardized ac cleaning company charges you $400-$500 the normal rate and services information charge for carrying out a good and thorough cleaning job.

One other good cause of cleansing the ducts from the AC is for improved air circulation. Sometimes property owners do not clean their air conditioners for several years altogether which will make matters much worse and the air circulated by the ac becomes somewhat impure and polluted. Sometimes dead animals, insects, toys, hair etc. can accumulate and block the vents and cause overheating and impure air flow. In this context the healthiness of your family should be your prime concern and you ought to not compromise relating to this issue. So get in touch with the professionals for a good and effective cleaning.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Important Things to Know When Installing Aircon for Buildings

Several things go into making buildings comfortable; among them air conditioners or simply aircons. On cold days it makes things warm enough and when it becomes too hot outside in Singapore, building aircons help to keep our buildings cool enough. Poor air conditioning has often been the reason why otherwise productive workers fail to perform. Few people have what it takes to install the important aircons leaving it to contractors to do a good job that doesn’t compromise people as they work. If you are a contractor in Singapore here are some important things you need to know about aircon installation for buildings:

Strength, space and safety
The wall or surface upon which aircon units stand must be strong enough to bear extra weight. Always check wall strength before installing both the outdoor and indoor units to prevent accidents. It is imperative that you leave at least 15cm of space between the unit and your wall to ensure proper circulation around it. If you don’t give the unit some room between walls or other obstacles, it will have to work harder to create the best environment in your building. Experts for example, advise people not to put aircons too close to the bed or furniture as it can keep it from working properly.

Safety is very important when installing aircon in all buildings as putting it in the wrong position could harm people living or working there. Building owners in Singapore value every inch of space they can save as it is always a good business opportunity. Being a contractor, you must therefore put this into consideration before installing an aircon to make sure that it doesn’t take up more room than necessary.

The size of a room determines the size of aircon unit to install. If you install a small unit for a big, it will not be enough for the job while installing a big unit for a small building is simply wasteful as the extra power it needs to run can be used for other applications.

Energy efficiency
The entire world is dealing with climate issues caused by energy inefficiency but before things go completely haywire manufacturers are making more energy efficient appliances. Energy efficient aircons have labels indicating how good they are at conserving energy. If you choose an energy efficient air conditioner in Singapore you will be saving yourself some money that you could have instead used to cater to high electricity bills.

Before installing the aircon, check that the room is properly sealed to avoid leaks. If a home is not properly sealed, hot air is likely to come in and compromise the efforts of your aircon. This spells losses as you will need more power to make your home cool enough. Aircon installation experts always check the ductwork before placing the unit because they clearly understand that poor ductwork compromises effectiveness of a unit. There shouldn’t be any leaks or blockage in a building’s ductwork before aircon installation as these will make it perform worse than expected leading to huge financial and energy losses for building management.

Lifestyle of residents
Before installing the aircon in a building, pause to consider the lifestyle of residents in order to place the unit in the most appropriate place. If you place it in a place where people smoke, you are simply exposing everyone who relies on it to dangerous second hand smoke. The government of Singapore is stepping up with decisive action against smoking in aircon rooms to reduce the risk of lung cancer and other ailments.

Aircon type
An installation expert must understand the type of aircon they are working with if they want to place it accordingly. Non-inverter aircon functions in the simplest way that relies on a thermostat. If temperature falls below the set point, the unit turns off until temperatures return to the desired numbers before turning on again. This principle overworks an aircon unit too much which is not very energy efficient according to experts. The other type is the inverter aircon which doesn’t keep turning on and off but rather allows the user to set high, medium or cruising power. This is considered ideal and most energy efficient for those seeking to save money.

Aircon add-ons
Anyone who has ever installed aircons knows that it is important to consider any accessories that can be used to improve its functionality. Things like heat pumps can be added to aircons to make them serve the extra role of water heater. Professionals recommend leaving ample room for add-ons to make things easier when you actually need them.

Cost, maintenance and savings
Cost of aircon installation depends on a lot of variables for locals. It could depend on the brand, size, complexity of task and any add-ons that need to be fitted alongside the aircon. This is why property owners are advised to discuss prospective installation with potential contractors so that they can prepare their funds. Budgeting for aircon installation prevents spur of the moment decisions that can lead to losses.

During installation you must understand that while comfort is the ultimate objective of air conditioning, people are also trying to save money. It is therefore your duty to place units at appropriate locations where they will perform to their fullest without extra costs for property owners.

It is important to think about maintenance activities before installation. This helps to ensure that there is enough space for repair experts to work without aggravating a problem. The aircon must be kept in a dry, dust free room to ensure that it is in top shape at all times. When dust gathers in the aircon’s nooks and crannies it would be impossible for it to function optimally.

It takes proper understanding of aircons for one to install it appropriately. If you don’t know how things work it important to conduct some research till you are confident that you can do it properly. There are also professionals whose job is to install aircons safely albeit for a fee. It doesn’t cost much though, to cool your Singapore home if you choose a professional who knows how to do things right.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Daikin NX Series Review

When choosing a good air conditioning system quite a few things have to be kept in mind. First and foremost, there are literally scores of models and brands of air conditioners and therefore choosing the right one could often be a tough and difficult task. A number of things must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system. There should be enough space for ducting and in today’s real life situation this might be a bit task especially in homes where space is a constraint. However, today there are new technologies which make it possible for us to choose air conditioners which help us to conserve space and at the same time help customers to have the best of cooling effect, power and performance. Though there could be many such brand and models available in the market, we will have a closer look at the Daikin NX series and find out why they are held in such high esteem amongst thousands of customers. Hence it would be interesting to have a closer look at the various features which make it so very popular.

It is Extremely Versatile
One of the main reasons why Daikin cooling and heating systems are so much in demand is because of the fact that it is suitable for cooling small as well as big rooms. It comes in different sizes and capacities and can cool anything between two to nine rooms quite easily. The best thing is that it can do using a single outdoor unit. It has a number of varieties and models available and therefore it should not be a big challenge selecting the right model after taking into account specific needs and requirements of the customers. There are quite a few models which effortlessly blend into the theme and size of your home and easily take care of the cooling and heating requirements irrespective of the size of the rooms. It comes many advanced technical features which help it to control the individual heating and cooling of rooms, thereby ensuring optimal performances. At the same time it has the best of technologies to ensure lower running costs and big savings on power especially from the long term perspective.

What Makes This Air Conditioner So Very Difficult 
One of the main reasons why thousands of customers continue to repose their confidence in the Daikin NX series is because it is famous for it easy and simple maintenance. There could be other similar brand and models available with the same specifications and attributes. However, maintaining them and keeping them in good working condition is a big challenge. This is not the case with Dakin NX. It has well defined and easily identifiable malfunction codes. This is available for each and every outdoor unit. They are visible digitally through and easy to identify display system which is available on the remote controllers. This makes it extremely easy for easy identification of the problems and fast diagnosis and rectifications. Quite a few of the problems can be handled by the customers themselves.

Automatic Temperature Control
According to many customers and critics this is a special air conditioner because it has one of the most efficient auto temperature control facilities. It comes with a power and highly advanced micro compressor. This goes a long way in automatically controlling the speed of the fan. This helps a lot in adjusting the temperature of the room and brings down or increases the temperature in line with changing with the needs and requirements of customers.

Unique Memory And Auto Restart Functions
In today’s world where time is a constraint there is no doubt that it might not be possible to start the AC on time so that they are able to enjoy the benefits once the customers are back home from their work of business. It has a unique memory function. In other words it has the capacity to memorize the settings which you find is suitable and favorite for you and your family members. The settings could include a whole lot of things ranging from temperature, mode of operation, airflow, total duration for which the air conditioner should run and so on. Hence you need not set these parameters each and every time and this certainly save you lot of time and effort. Even if there is a power failure, the automatic settings will not get erased. There also is the facility of overriding these automatic features and making changes as and when necessary.

Unique Program Dry Feature
It has another important feature which is worth mentioning. This is referred to as program dry function. With this function, it is possible to remove humidity from the room without impacting the temperature to the maximum extent possible. It has a technology by which the unit will automatically move into cooling mode. This will happen when the temperature increases beyond a threshold limit.

The Best Of Customer Services
Another major reason why there is a continued demand for Daikin NX series of air conditioners is because of the top class services which are provided by the customers. They have a well distributed and well thought out distribution network. Apart from having a well defined warranty, guarantee, replacement and refund policies, they also have a wide network of service providers who can help you get the spare parts well in time and they are not usually in short supply. Complaints on functioning of the machine can be lodged over phone or online or even mails can be sent. They are attended within the shortest period of time.


Hence when all the above parameters, functions and specifications are taken into account, there are many reasons to believe that Daikin NX air conditioners are built to last for a long period of time. They offer the best value for money to the customers and they will well and truly offer the best value for money. They are perfectly suited for the modern homes because they help a lot in saving on space which certainly is a big constraint today. All in all there are reasons to buy it and make it as a companion of your home for years to come.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Can Aircon Improve Air Quality During Haze?

Owning an aircon is considered as a requisite in Singapore. This is because the place is famous for its blazing sunny days and sweltering heat. More especially with the latest Indonesian fire that resulted to unhealthy haze level in Singapore, many inhabitants fail to know the health hazards it could lead to. Besides the health hazards, it also reduces the air quality inside your house. There are many tips you can use to improve air quality distorted by haze in your house, but among all, aircon units have already proven to be very much effective. They can improve air quality in your home through some routine performed in them.

Clean your air duct regularly

Haze causes your air duct system to mount up unwanted materials like debris, ash, dust and other minute things. Such materials are very dangerous for individuals who like to spend most of their precious time indoors. Thus, you will need to check your air shaft system regularly. The system should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any problems, which may be brought about by haze. Regular cleaning is a sure way to improve your aircon unit performance, which in turn helps to improve the air quality in your house effectively. This is because the air conditioner absorbs haze in your home using its clean air duct system.

Have regular air filter cleaning

Regular air filter cleaning is important, most especially if you have haze crisis in your home. This is precisely because impurities brought about by haze are absorbed by the air filter and as you well know, a dirty air filter cannot perform its duties properly. The best solution would be to open the air conditioner unit and then clean the air filters suitably. Cleaning your air filters is essential for improving your aircon effectiveness in its role to remove haze from your home. This also helps to improve the air quality in your home always.

Do some checkups on your ac unit

This is one of the most important things you should do to eliminate haze from your home completely. Ensure that your AC unit has well-functioning parts that can perform without any problems. All parts in the AC should be set right and have no hitches for a better performance. If you cannot check them yourself, you can contact an aircon service company, which will assist you in this. This also maximizes its effectiveness and performance in getting rid of haze from your home.

Regulate the moisture level in your AC

Most air conditioners are normally outfitted with humidity control, which is a very useful unit that helps to reduce haze entirely. According to many experts, you need to increase the humidity level in your AC so that all materials from haze may fall down to the ground. The good thing with these ACs is that you will not find any difficulty when increasing the humidity levels to your desired point. Leave the situation for few hours till all haze materials are released to the floor. After that, remove the haze materials from your floor completely using a vacuum cleaner or a mop.

Arrange for routine HVAC maintenance

Last but not least, ensure that you always have regular HVAC maintenance for your home, most especially if you undergo any haze problems. This is because haze is capable of causing unwanted problems on your Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Unit or HVAC in the house. Through regular maintenance, you are then able to advance the effectiveness and performance of your AC since it filters all unwanted materials fully leaving clean air in your home. You can have the maintenance done at least once in a week.

In conclusion, you should now be able to improve the air quality in your home using proper aircon units. You should also put in mind that a good and well maintained air conditioner has the ability to remove all unwanted materials brought about by haze completely. For maximum results, install air purifiers in your house to remove the materials quickly. You can get the purifiers from the market as they are readily available. In addition, ensure that you turn on the AC whenever you experience haze problem in the house. It has some air filters, which are very useful to get rid of unwanted haze debris easily from your home.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Why Inverter Aircon Might Be A Better Option in The Long Run

While air conditioners are meant to freshen and keep room temperatures at desired levels, the bigger concern of most users is the electricity bills. But if you choose to invest on the right kind of technology, managing the bills can become easier. Most people believe that air conditioners major work is to bring in cool air from the outside but that’s not how they work. During the cooling process, a typical air conditioner will take the indoor air, cool it through the evaporator and then throw the air back into the room.

Air conditioners are fitted with an evaporator coil that contains a special liquid known as a refrigerant that basically changes from liquid to gas upon absorbing the heat from the air. And to complete the process, the refrigerant is pumped yet into another coil ( called a compressor) on the outside where it releases the heat and then changes back into a liquid.

How Does An Inverter Air Conditioner Technology Work?

With a regular air conditioner, a compressor can either be on or off. When turned on, the compressor works at full capacity thus consuming full electricity it’s designed to. However, when the thermostat reaches the set temperature level in the AC, the compressor is triggered to stop but the fan in the AC continues to operate. Upon sensing an increase in temperature, the compressor starts running again. But with an inverter air conditioner, the accelerator works more like an accelerator. When temperatures are higher, the compressor will give more power and when it requires less power, it gives less power. This type of technology allows for:

-The compressor to be on always but can draw more or less power depending on the temperature of incoming air
-Appropriate adjustment of the speed and power of the air conditioner’s compressor
-Efficiency in contraction, extended life of air conditioner parts and elimination of sharp load fluctuations

What Are The Long Term Benefits Of Inverter Air Conditioners?

Every air conditioner is designed with an AC that will meet the cooling needs of different room sizes. For instance, an air conditioner with 1.5 ton capacity will run at a higher peak load than a 1 ton in a given room size. With inverter air conditioning technology, the compressor runs continuously and only draws the power that’s required to keep the temperatures at the desired levels. Thus this kind of conditioners can adjust their capacity to suit the cooling requirements of the room. Some of the major benefits of inverter conditioners include:

-Up to 50 percent savings on power as they consume lesser power
-It achieves the desired temperature levels more quickly than non inverter conditioning
-Have a quicker start up time
-There are no temperature fluctuations thus maximizing the comfort level
-They have no voltage peaks from the compressor
-They are much quieter

What Are The Conditions Required For The Air Conditioner To Work Well?

Each air conditioner is designed to meet a certain load on the house and has a certain amount of refrigerant referred to as a charge. All these are meant to ensure a certain amount of airflow goes across the coils in the conditioner. And should any of these things changes, the conditioning system will experience problems. It’s therefore your responsibility to ensure:

-No extra heat is produced from having more people in the house or using many appliances that generate heat
-The refrigerant charge on the system does not leak so that the capacity remains constant
-Read though the air conditioner manual to know what to do in extremely dry climate and more humid areas in Singapore

Need For System Maintenance

There are plenty of things that need to be properly maintained in an air conditioner. For instance, a filter removes particles from the air stream which helps in keeping the air conditioning system clean and removing particles from the air. As the filter works the more, it’s likely to be loaded with more and more particles which can affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. Thus routine maintenance especially with regard to changing filters is necessary.

 That can be done by you or may require professional service. In addition to that, it’s necessary to brush dirt or any obstructions from air conditioner coils and all the drains especially during the start of the cooling season. When you discover the system is not producing the cold in house as normal, then the possible problem might be an airflow problem or refrigement charge. Hence it can be prudent for you to get the conditioner serviced. And to increase energy efficiency be sure to:

-Seal the leaky ducts, replace dirty filters and clean the coils
-Place the outdoor condenser unit in a more open place to avoid blockage of air flow and clogging
-Buy a high efficiency equipment when replacing your air conditioner
-The efficiency number of an air conditioner like the Energy Efficiency Rating for peak conditions requirements

Controlling Conditions Of Rooms In More Humid Areas

As much as inverter air conditioning is meant to control heat conditions in a room, humidity control is also a critical issue. When not monitored properly, humidity especially in hot humid areas, can trigger mold growth in the house. Modern air conditioning units can dehumidify as they cool the room temperatures. If you live in high humid areas, be sure to look for high-end systems that can carry out dehumidification alongside the primary purpose of cooling. But to lessen the need for dehumidification is is important to:

-Avoid setting the thermostat to fan on’ position
-Make use of exhaust fans especially when undertaking activities that produce moisture

Why It Is Worth Buying An Inverter Air Conditioning Unit In Singapore

An inverter air conditioning is more beneficial mainly because it reduces on your energy bills. Thus investing in a modern air conditioning unit can help meet you air conditioning needs all year round and used heating. With inverter air conditioners, the units can run at approximately lower energy or power thus leading to lower cost on bills, which will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Top 3 Aircon Brands In Singapore

An air conditioner is one of the most essential appliances to live comfortably in Singapore due to its hot and sunny climate throughout the year. You must have an aircon installed at your home of office if you want to live or work indoor comfortably during day time.

While shopping for a quality air conditioner you will have to consider various factors like cooling capacity, price and energy efficiency of the unit along with the size of your room where it is to be installed. All these factors affect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner as well as the consumption of the energy for your space. It should run calmly without overloading its motors. Another factor that can influence your decision to buy an air conditioner is the brand of its maker company.

You can find air conditioners from various brands in Singapore but 3 brands are the most popular in this country on the basis of the quality and energy efficiency of their products. These 3 brands include Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin. The high quality of their air conditioners have made them popular not only throughout Singapore but throughout the world. If you are uncertain to choose the brand of your air conditioner then you can visit various stores dealing in electrical and electronic appliances. The sales executives of these stores know the advantages and disadvantages of all the products they sell in daily routine. They can help you in selecting the best air conditioner for you. But it can be more convenient if you know some basic things about the popular brands of air condition in Singapore so that you can take a decision confidently.

Brief information about the three popular aircon brands in Singapore and their products is provided here under to help you in this regard. You can compare the features and prices of their products to reach at a right decision according to your needs. Most of the people using the products of either of these brands are satisfied to great extent as all of them are the producers of quality products. But still there can be some difference in their features and other factors which can influence your decision. So after considering all the facts you should make a wise decision while purchasing an aircon in Singapore.


This popular brand offers wide range of electronic products according to the needs of a very wide range of industrial and commercial as well as domestic consumers. They incorporate the latest technologies in their products including air conditioners to make them the best according to the needs of their customers. All the products of Panasonic including air conditioners are environment friendly. The air conditioners of this company have been reviewed by the users in Singapore on the basis of their energy efficiency as it helps them in saving lots of money in their utility bills. Panasonic air conditioners provide enough comfort to the domestic and commercial users when temperature rises high in Singapore.

Panasonic was established in Japan in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita, a businessman and tinker. His desire to create things of value has laid foundation stone of Panasonic. The legacy left by the founder of this company continues to live today, even after more than a century, with the help of its engineers and technicians.

Undoubtedly Panasonic is one of the biggest electronic companies of the world as its air conditioners are primarily searched by the customers while buying them on the basis of their reduced noise, innovative features, energy efficiency and cleaner air. Many Singaporean consumers have rated Panasonic air conditioners for five star rating as they save lots of their money through the energy efficiency feature of the brand by reducing their utility bills

Panasonic has released a number of models to air conditioners according to the needs of every user including domestic, industrial and commercial. So you can choose a Panasonic air conditioner as per your requirements to live and work comfortably in Singapore.


It is another leading manufacturer of high class air conditioning, ventilating and cooling systems of the world. The appliances produced by Mitsubishi meet up the requirements of residential, industrial and commercial establishments through their energy efficiency and performance. Thus you can live a comfortable life in your home, office or work place with the help of AC units produced by Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi is producing air conditioners since 1921 and on the basis of its long experience is has become a renowned producer of perfectly designed air conditioners of the world. Many buyers in Singapore have praised for the aircons of Mitsubishi on the basis of their performance and high quality as they helped in making their indoor life comfortable in an eco-friendly and healthy environment at a very affordable cost. Another reason of the popularity of Mitsubishi products in Singapore is that they offer the longest warranties for all their products as compared to other producers in the industry.


Daikin is another Japanese brand that has proved its presence in Singapore by prodicing quality air conditioners. Its branch in Singapore was established at the time when economy of this country was growing, in 1968. Daikin Singapore introduced multi-split air conditioners for the first time for the home owners in HDB, Singapore. In 1986 it also introduced VRV aircon systems for the first time for commercial units. The users were allowed to control the cooling in their individual spaces or floors with the help of VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems. This is considered as the most intelligent innovation in the air conditioning industry so far. Daikin Singapore has been awarded for the Trusted Brand Award for providing air conditioning solutions for all including residential, industrial and commercial units. Most of the Singaporeans have reviewed Daikin aircons as the most cost efficient and energy saving products in this industry.

Thus you can find large variety of brands in Singapore air conditioning industry while buying the best on for your home or office. The review of 3 top air conditioning brands provided in this write up will help you in making a confident decision in this regard.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Can We Install Aircon In Our Condo On Sunday?

The hot days are almost here, and we all know how hot it can get in Singapore. The perfect way to keep your condo cold is to get some Aircon air conditioners. These products are one of the finest on the market. They are manufactured with a goal to be durable and efficient. You can contact us and check for these air conditioners. However, keep in mind that we are free on Sunday.

Why is this? Well, there are two reasons. The first one is the condominium rules in Singapore. The law does not allow any type of renovation work during the Sunday so the people should not get disturbed. The other is simple: everybody should rest on Sunday.

The house rules

The majority of buildings in Singapore has house rules. They are prescribing some norms of behavior in that building. If you have an air conditioner in your condo, you must maintain it regularly. Contact us and see if you can schedule regular maintenance. Different dripping and noises can cause disturbance to your neighbors. With regular service, this can be prevented.

The technicians must clean the filter of the fan and drainpipes. There must not be any blockage. Any damage done to the air condition unit in your condo can cause disturbance both to you and the environment. Be sure to report this.

However, if you are having an air conditioner maintenance or installation in your condo, you must give notice, at least, three days before the works begin. The management of the building will notify your neighbors about this.

Keep in mind that the operating hours are: 

• Monday to Friday– From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
• Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Some 9am till 12pm)
• There is no work on Sunday and public holiday

Aircon understands the problem of weather in Singapore. That is the reason why we will always come as soon as possible. Our skilled technicians will detect the problem, and fix it in no way. They possess great knowledge and skills, so there is no chance of a bigger damage.

The Sunday rule

If you are living in Singapore, you probably know about the Sunday rule. You cannot have any major renovation works done in your condo on Sunday. We at Aircon respect this rule, and that’s why we are not offering any service on Sunday.

Any work referring air conditioners can be done on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. The owner of the condo must announce to the management of the building this operation three days before the work begins. It is very important that there is no disturbance during the air conditioner installation and maintenance.

National Environment Agency has constructed a rule that bans any noisy work to be done during Sundays and public holidays. The noise limit in decibels has even been established. In your condo, the noise limit amounts 65 dBA during the day. During the night, it gets lowered to 60 dBA.

When a serviceman is working on your Aircon unit, the loudness can get over 60 dBA. This happens in most cases because of the equipment of the technicians. They are using various noisy tools, and this may disturb the people around you. The Sunday rule is here to prevent this.

On the other hand, Sunday is the day when whole Singapore has its rest. This means that air condition companies should have their rest too. Citizens of Singapore are hard working individuals, and a day of rest for them is essential. This means that there must not be any serious disturbance. Noise produced by various activities must be removed. We respect this right of the people of Singapore, and we support the idea. The day of rest is needed, and that is why we do not work on Sunday.

So, if you want to contact Aircon about a problem in your apartment, you can. But keep in mind that the technicians will arrive on Monday.


If something happens to your air conditioner, it usually is not an emergent matter. If this happens during the Sunday, you can contact the company and technicians will arrive at your location in the morning. However, if you decide not to wait, there are some alternative ways.

Usually, these problems are not so serious. Searching online for an air conditioner technician is what people usually do. Search well because the internet cannot be controlled and there are many frauds. In case that you find a technician, he probably can’t help you at the same moment. The usual case is that these technicians arrive during the week when our company is working regularly.

You can always ask for a recommendation. Your friends or neighbors might know someone who can help you. However, this might not work. If you have an unprofessional person to fix your Aircon, a greater damage is possible. The technicians at our company are well trained and they have great knowledge on the subject. They know various tricks because of their great experience.

If an air conditioner problem occurs on Sunday, the best solution is to wait. Contact our company and wait until tomorrow. Our technicians know how your air conditioner is functioning, and they can deal with it in the best possible way.


Aircon is one of the best air condition companies in Singapore. It does not matter if you own a house or a condo, we can deal with any space. The products that we are offering are of highest quality. This is supported by the fact that Aircon is working with brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, etc. However, we respect the house rules. The great number of companies does not work on Sunday. People are resting, and that means that we all need peace and quiet. You can try to search for some other companies or some freelance technicians but keep in mind that this is not the safest method. There is a great number of situation where the homeowner was tricked from a false technician. This risk can cost you money, time and even your air condition unit. That is why the best way to deal with this problem is to wait until Monday and then contact us.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

What Are the Different Types of Air conditioner?

Singapore is one of those countries in the world that experience both hot and humid climate. That is to say, there are some months of the year that receive heavy rainfall as well as high humid. In order to live in a health and comfort houses, most homeowners have had their homes installed with aircon devices. Similarly, air conditioner units are installed in many offices. Ideally, choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your office or home is one of the most important decision(s) each office or homeowner has to make. Indeed, your air conditioner contributes greatly to a higher level of convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Also, if you want to improve the overall value of your office or home, then consider installing an aircon. If you are planning to install the above electronic device, one of the probably question you would need an answer is: what are some of the different types of air conditioners available for purchase in the market?

Nowadays, there are many different types of aircons systems available in the market, each type has its own unique set of positive features that it makes it perfect for a particular setting. Therefore, without the help of an HVAC expert or professional, there are higher chances that you might not be in a better position to find the right system that matches your unique requirements. If the above has been your concern, then worry no more since good news is unveiled herein.

However, before unveiling some of the best air conditioners in the market, it is vital for you to access and figure out your air conditioning needs. Being firmly conversant with your office or home, the following are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing an ultimate air conditioning unit:

The amount of space in your office or home that is required to be air-conditioned

· The total amount of heat generated by the unit
· The nature of your office’s or home’s walls, whether internal or external
· The unit’s energy efficiency
· The price of the unit
· And finally, your total budget

Different types of air conditioners available in Singapore market

Despite the fact that different types of air conditioning systems all their own exclusive features, they also some things in common. These commonly features are collectively referred to as elements of air conditioning unit,’ and it include the following:

· Compressor
· Condenser
· Refrigerant
· Evaporator coil
· And expansion valve

All of the key elements works in cohesion in order to enable the aircon to either heat or cool the air in unique way. Another thing worthy noting is that the position of each element is used to identify different types of air conditioner devices. Therefore, based on the position of the above parts, the following are some of the different types of air conditioning systems commonly available in the market:

#1. Central Air conditioner
The above air conditioner is one of the systems that is considered great for cooling solutions for residential spaces. Its efficiency and improved technology are some of the distinguishing features that makes it best performing and comfortable with quietest air conditioning options. Other outstanding features that makes central air conditioner unique include large condensing unit, compressor is housed by a large boxy part, efficient condensing coils, and an outside condensing fan.

#2. Windows air conditioner

#3. The Split Air Conditioner

#4. Cube Air conditioner
The Cube AC is a relatively new unit introduced by Panasonic. It is considered as an improved version of the Split type AC. It can be mounted close at the window level or close to a ceiling. The indoor unit is designed with diagonal propeller pan for fast and efficient cooling. It has a larger intake grill and an improved blade curvature that further improves its performance. Compared to other AC units, the cube AC is relatively cheap.

#5. The Tower Air Conditioner
In most cases, the above unit is commonly referred to as floor–standing ACs. Just like the Split Air conditioner, the Tower AC comes with a set of two units-one external and an internal. Nevertheless, the indoor unit does not necessarily need wall installation. Hence, it occupies a reasonable amount of space on the floor. The good news is that the Tower ACs have high cooling capacities, which makes them suitable and preferable for very large rooms. In addition, it does not wall or windows installation.

#6. The Cassette Air Conditioner
The above unit is shaped like a cassette, hence can be installed ceilings. The good news is that its panel is designed to blend nicely with all kinds of home d├ęcor. Indeed, the Cassette AC are pretty stylish, and are able to deliver outstanding performance. In most cases, the above unit does not require ducting. They are the perfect choice for large spaces ventilation where Split and Windows Ac may not reach out.


From the aforementioned, it is clear that the above are top six air conditioning systems that offers outstanding performance. If you have acquired your perfect choice, you are advised to sort installation skills from a professional HVAC technician.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What Aircon Brand to Choose In Singapore?

It is necessary to install an aircon to live comfortably in Singapore because of its hot and sunny environment throughout the year. You will have to choose the best air conditioning system if you want to make it comfortable to live indoors throughout the day and night in this country.

But while shipping an air conditioner in Singapore you will have to focus on certain factors including the cooling capacity, price and energy efficiency of the unit. The size of the room in which the aircon is to be installed is also an important factor to be considered at this time as it will help the unit to cool your room more efficiently without consuming more energy and overloading its motor.

But to choose an air conditioner of suitable brand for your home or office you will have to visit the stores dealing in such products. You should talk to their sales executives and ask questions about the models available there to know more in this regard. You can also compare their features, consumption of energy, level of noise, installation and maintenance cost and prices to choose the best one. You can choose the best aircon more easily, without sweating unnecessarily, if you do some homework before proceeding to the market.

The air conditioners made by a number of brands are available in Singapore. But you can be confused if you are asked to choose from the air conditioners produced by some of the popular brands in this country. They assure the quality of their air conditioners on the basis of their long experience in this industry. There are three popular brands Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic that produce quality aircons in Singapore. The high quality of their air conditioners is the main basis of their reputation among the home and business owners in this country. Most of the customers of these brands are satisfied with the performance of their products. Brief information about these three popular brands is provided in this write-up to help you in choosing the most suitable air conditioner in Singapore for your home or office.

Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric is known for its quality air conditioners. They produce wide variety of aircons including window aircon and split aircon to enable Singaporeans to choose as per their suitability. This brand is popular in Singapore not only for its best aircon units but for their warranty for 10 years also. This warranty allows you to repair and maintain your aircon for long time without any additional cost, until its validity. The wide variety of features of its products allows all types of users to choose one as per their requirements. You can compare these features to find a unit within your budget to meet your needs.

Another main reason of the popularity of Mitsubishi is the efficiency of the systems produced by them. Most of its aircon units have five stars rating to show their excellent energy efficiency. So if you want to buy an aircon from Mitsubishi Electric then you should consider the efficiency level as they can help in reducing your monthly electricity bills. It will lower the cost of operation of your aircon. Some of their devices work at various speeds of compressor which also help in controlling the consumption of power as per your requirement. Catchetin Plus air filter is another feature of Mitsubishi aircon units which also add to their quality by removing pollutants from the air.

Another company that produces high quality air conditioners in Singapore is Daikin. This company has produced some very popular eco-friendly aircon units. The wide variety of air conditions produced by this company in this country has enabled all types of customers to get something for their home within their budget. You can choose your favourite aircon from inverter and non-inverter aircon units produced by this company by using high quality materials. It can help you to rely on the quality of their aircon units as they will serve you for long time without any problem.

The inverter aircon, commercial multi-split air conditioners, HDB multi room aircon systems along with various other products have enabled Daikin to receive a number of awards from various entities in Singapore like Favorite AirCon Brand Awards given by Singapore PMEB. If you have limited budget but want to buy inverter air conditioner then this company can provide you one as per your requirements due to the great features offered by it in its high quality products of various price ranges. Even the simple products of this company promise to require minimum maintenance.

Panasonic is another popular aircon company in Singapore that promises to provide high quality units to all types of customers. This brand offers certain benefits and features to all of its customers through its aircon units. The ductless air conditioners are among the prime products of this company which are known for their high quality, energy efficiency and low cost among people living in Singapore. The variety of ductless air conditioners produced by this company includes concealed duct, ceiling mounted and wall mounted units.

You can effectively reduce your consumption of energy by installing Panasonic aircon units with inverter technology. The smart monitoring system of these units helps in maintaining the speed of the compressor and temperature. You can also buy affordable Panasonic aircon units from the market, if your budget is limited. Anti-bacterial filters, washable air filters, Blue Fin technology, 24 hours mode and R410 refrigerant system are some of the other features that have popularised Panasonic aircon units all over Singapore. Panasonic air conditioners are also popular among their user for their quietness level as compared to other brands.

Thus these are some of the recommended air conditioner brands in Singapore from which you can buy a suitable unit for your home or office to enjoy their benefits for long time. Though you can also find various other aircon brands in the Singapore market but you should compare their features with these three brands, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic, to find the best one.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Airconditioner Knowledge - Infographic

Airconditioner Knowledge - Infographic
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Aircon Singapore - Infographic
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