Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What Aircon Brand to Choose In Singapore?

It is necessary to install an aircon to live comfortably in Singapore because of its hot and sunny environment throughout the year. You will have to choose the best air conditioning system if you want to make it comfortable to live indoors throughout the day and night in this country.

But while shipping an air conditioner in Singapore you will have to focus on certain factors including the cooling capacity, price and energy efficiency of the unit. The size of the room in which the aircon is to be installed is also an important factor to be considered at this time as it will help the unit to cool your room more efficiently without consuming more energy and overloading its motor.

But to choose an air conditioner of suitable brand for your home or office you will have to visit the stores dealing in such products. You should talk to their sales executives and ask questions about the models available there to know more in this regard. You can also compare their features, consumption of energy, level of noise, installation and maintenance cost and prices to choose the best one. You can choose the best aircon more easily, without sweating unnecessarily, if you do some homework before proceeding to the market.

The air conditioners made by a number of brands are available in Singapore. But you can be confused if you are asked to choose from the air conditioners produced by some of the popular brands in this country. They assure the quality of their air conditioners on the basis of their long experience in this industry. There are three popular brands Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic that produce quality aircons in Singapore. The high quality of their air conditioners is the main basis of their reputation among the home and business owners in this country. Most of the customers of these brands are satisfied with the performance of their products. Brief information about these three popular brands is provided in this write-up to help you in choosing the most suitable air conditioner in Singapore for your home or office.

Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric is known for its quality air conditioners. They produce wide variety of aircons including window aircon and split aircon to enable Singaporeans to choose as per their suitability. This brand is popular in Singapore not only for its best aircon units but for their warranty for 10 years also. This warranty allows you to repair and maintain your aircon for long time without any additional cost, until its validity. The wide variety of features of its products allows all types of users to choose one as per their requirements. You can compare these features to find a unit within your budget to meet your needs.

Another main reason of the popularity of Mitsubishi is the efficiency of the systems produced by them. Most of its aircon units have five stars rating to show their excellent energy efficiency. So if you want to buy an aircon from Mitsubishi Electric then you should consider the efficiency level as they can help in reducing your monthly electricity bills. It will lower the cost of operation of your aircon. Some of their devices work at various speeds of compressor which also help in controlling the consumption of power as per your requirement. Catchetin Plus air filter is another feature of Mitsubishi aircon units which also add to their quality by removing pollutants from the air.

Another company that produces high quality air conditioners in Singapore is Daikin. This company has produced some very popular eco-friendly aircon units. The wide variety of air conditions produced by this company in this country has enabled all types of customers to get something for their home within their budget. You can choose your favourite aircon from inverter and non-inverter aircon units produced by this company by using high quality materials. It can help you to rely on the quality of their aircon units as they will serve you for long time without any problem.

The inverter aircon, commercial multi-split air conditioners, HDB multi room aircon systems along with various other products have enabled Daikin to receive a number of awards from various entities in Singapore like Favorite AirCon Brand Awards given by Singapore PMEB. If you have limited budget but want to buy inverter air conditioner then this company can provide you one as per your requirements due to the great features offered by it in its high quality products of various price ranges. Even the simple products of this company promise to require minimum maintenance.

Panasonic is another popular aircon company in Singapore that promises to provide high quality units to all types of customers. This brand offers certain benefits and features to all of its customers through its aircon units. The ductless air conditioners are among the prime products of this company which are known for their high quality, energy efficiency and low cost among people living in Singapore. The variety of ductless air conditioners produced by this company includes concealed duct, ceiling mounted and wall mounted units.

You can effectively reduce your consumption of energy by installing Panasonic aircon units with inverter technology. The smart monitoring system of these units helps in maintaining the speed of the compressor and temperature. You can also buy affordable Panasonic aircon units from the market, if your budget is limited. Anti-bacterial filters, washable air filters, Blue Fin technology, 24 hours mode and R410 refrigerant system are some of the other features that have popularised Panasonic aircon units all over Singapore. Panasonic air conditioners are also popular among their user for their quietness level as compared to other brands.

Thus these are some of the recommended air conditioner brands in Singapore from which you can buy a suitable unit for your home or office to enjoy their benefits for long time. Though you can also find various other aircon brands in the Singapore market but you should compare their features with these three brands, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic, to find the best one.