Thursday, 7 April 2016

What Are the Different Types of Air conditioner?

Singapore is one of those countries in the world that experience both hot and humid climate. That is to say, there are some months of the year that receive heavy rainfall as well as high humid. In order to live in a health and comfort houses, most homeowners have had their homes installed with aircon devices. Similarly, air conditioner units are installed in many offices. Ideally, choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your office or home is one of the most important decision(s) each office or homeowner has to make. Indeed, your air conditioner contributes greatly to a higher level of convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Also, if you want to improve the overall value of your office or home, then consider installing an aircon. If you are planning to install the above electronic device, one of the probably question you would need an answer is: what are some of the different types of air conditioners available for purchase in the market?

Nowadays, there are many different types of aircons systems available in the market, each type has its own unique set of positive features that it makes it perfect for a particular setting. Therefore, without the help of an HVAC expert or professional, there are higher chances that you might not be in a better position to find the right system that matches your unique requirements. If the above has been your concern, then worry no more since good news is unveiled herein.

However, before unveiling some of the best air conditioners in the market, it is vital for you to access and figure out your air conditioning needs. Being firmly conversant with your office or home, the following are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing an ultimate air conditioning unit:

The amount of space in your office or home that is required to be air-conditioned

· The total amount of heat generated by the unit
· The nature of your office’s or home’s walls, whether internal or external
· The unit’s energy efficiency
· The price of the unit
· And finally, your total budget

Different types of air conditioners available in Singapore market

Despite the fact that different types of air conditioning systems all their own exclusive features, they also some things in common. These commonly features are collectively referred to as elements of air conditioning unit,’ and it include the following:

· Compressor
· Condenser
· Refrigerant
· Evaporator coil
· And expansion valve

All of the key elements works in cohesion in order to enable the aircon to either heat or cool the air in unique way. Another thing worthy noting is that the position of each element is used to identify different types of air conditioner devices. Therefore, based on the position of the above parts, the following are some of the different types of air conditioning systems commonly available in the market:

#1. Central Air conditioner
The above air conditioner is one of the systems that is considered great for cooling solutions for residential spaces. Its efficiency and improved technology are some of the distinguishing features that makes it best performing and comfortable with quietest air conditioning options. Other outstanding features that makes central air conditioner unique include large condensing unit, compressor is housed by a large boxy part, efficient condensing coils, and an outside condensing fan.

#2. Windows air conditioner

#3. The Split Air Conditioner

#4. Cube Air conditioner
The Cube AC is a relatively new unit introduced by Panasonic. It is considered as an improved version of the Split type AC. It can be mounted close at the window level or close to a ceiling. The indoor unit is designed with diagonal propeller pan for fast and efficient cooling. It has a larger intake grill and an improved blade curvature that further improves its performance. Compared to other AC units, the cube AC is relatively cheap.

#5. The Tower Air Conditioner
In most cases, the above unit is commonly referred to as floor–standing ACs. Just like the Split Air conditioner, the Tower AC comes with a set of two units-one external and an internal. Nevertheless, the indoor unit does not necessarily need wall installation. Hence, it occupies a reasonable amount of space on the floor. The good news is that the Tower ACs have high cooling capacities, which makes them suitable and preferable for very large rooms. In addition, it does not wall or windows installation.

#6. The Cassette Air Conditioner
The above unit is shaped like a cassette, hence can be installed ceilings. The good news is that its panel is designed to blend nicely with all kinds of home d├ęcor. Indeed, the Cassette AC are pretty stylish, and are able to deliver outstanding performance. In most cases, the above unit does not require ducting. They are the perfect choice for large spaces ventilation where Split and Windows Ac may not reach out.


From the aforementioned, it is clear that the above are top six air conditioning systems that offers outstanding performance. If you have acquired your perfect choice, you are advised to sort installation skills from a professional HVAC technician.