Sunday, 22 May 2016

Can We Install Aircon In Our Condo On Sunday?

The hot days are almost here, and we all know how hot it can get in Singapore. The perfect way to keep your condo cold is to get some Aircon air conditioners. These products are one of the finest on the market. They are manufactured with a goal to be durable and efficient. You can contact us and check for these air conditioners. However, keep in mind that we are free on Sunday.

Why is this? Well, there are two reasons. The first one is the condominium rules in Singapore. The law does not allow any type of renovation work during the Sunday so the people should not get disturbed. The other is simple: everybody should rest on Sunday.

The house rules

The majority of buildings in Singapore has house rules. They are prescribing some norms of behavior in that building. If you have an air conditioner in your condo, you must maintain it regularly. Contact us and see if you can schedule regular maintenance. Different dripping and noises can cause disturbance to your neighbors. With regular service, this can be prevented.

The technicians must clean the filter of the fan and drainpipes. There must not be any blockage. Any damage done to the air condition unit in your condo can cause disturbance both to you and the environment. Be sure to report this.

However, if you are having an air conditioner maintenance or installation in your condo, you must give notice, at least, three days before the works begin. The management of the building will notify your neighbors about this.

Keep in mind that the operating hours are: 

• Monday to Friday– From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
• Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Some 9am till 12pm)
• There is no work on Sunday and public holiday

Aircon understands the problem of weather in Singapore. That is the reason why we will always come as soon as possible. Our skilled technicians will detect the problem, and fix it in no way. They possess great knowledge and skills, so there is no chance of a bigger damage.

The Sunday rule

If you are living in Singapore, you probably know about the Sunday rule. You cannot have any major renovation works done in your condo on Sunday. We at Aircon respect this rule, and that’s why we are not offering any service on Sunday.

Any work referring air conditioners can be done on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. The owner of the condo must announce to the management of the building this operation three days before the work begins. It is very important that there is no disturbance during the air conditioner installation and maintenance.

National Environment Agency has constructed a rule that bans any noisy work to be done during Sundays and public holidays. The noise limit in decibels has even been established. In your condo, the noise limit amounts 65 dBA during the day. During the night, it gets lowered to 60 dBA.

When a serviceman is working on your Aircon unit, the loudness can get over 60 dBA. This happens in most cases because of the equipment of the technicians. They are using various noisy tools, and this may disturb the people around you. The Sunday rule is here to prevent this.

On the other hand, Sunday is the day when whole Singapore has its rest. This means that air condition companies should have their rest too. Citizens of Singapore are hard working individuals, and a day of rest for them is essential. This means that there must not be any serious disturbance. Noise produced by various activities must be removed. We respect this right of the people of Singapore, and we support the idea. The day of rest is needed, and that is why we do not work on Sunday.

So, if you want to contact Aircon about a problem in your apartment, you can. But keep in mind that the technicians will arrive on Monday.


If something happens to your air conditioner, it usually is not an emergent matter. If this happens during the Sunday, you can contact the company and technicians will arrive at your location in the morning. However, if you decide not to wait, there are some alternative ways.

Usually, these problems are not so serious. Searching online for an air conditioner technician is what people usually do. Search well because the internet cannot be controlled and there are many frauds. In case that you find a technician, he probably can’t help you at the same moment. The usual case is that these technicians arrive during the week when our company is working regularly.

You can always ask for a recommendation. Your friends or neighbors might know someone who can help you. However, this might not work. If you have an unprofessional person to fix your Aircon, a greater damage is possible. The technicians at our company are well trained and they have great knowledge on the subject. They know various tricks because of their great experience.

If an air conditioner problem occurs on Sunday, the best solution is to wait. Contact our company and wait until tomorrow. Our technicians know how your air conditioner is functioning, and they can deal with it in the best possible way.


Aircon is one of the best air condition companies in Singapore. It does not matter if you own a house or a condo, we can deal with any space. The products that we are offering are of highest quality. This is supported by the fact that Aircon is working with brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, etc. However, we respect the house rules. The great number of companies does not work on Sunday. People are resting, and that means that we all need peace and quiet. You can try to search for some other companies or some freelance technicians but keep in mind that this is not the safest method. There is a great number of situation where the homeowner was tricked from a false technician. This risk can cost you money, time and even your air condition unit. That is why the best way to deal with this problem is to wait until Monday and then contact us.