Sunday, 5 June 2016

Top 3 Aircon Brands In Singapore

An air conditioner is one of the most essential appliances to live comfortably in Singapore due to its hot and sunny climate throughout the year. You must have an aircon installed at your home of office if you want to live or work indoor comfortably during day time.

While shopping for a quality air conditioner you will have to consider various factors like cooling capacity, price and energy efficiency of the unit along with the size of your room where it is to be installed. All these factors affect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner as well as the consumption of the energy for your space. It should run calmly without overloading its motors. Another factor that can influence your decision to buy an air conditioner is the brand of its maker company.

You can find air conditioners from various brands in Singapore but 3 brands are the most popular in this country on the basis of the quality and energy efficiency of their products. These 3 brands include Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Daikin. The high quality of their air conditioners have made them popular not only throughout Singapore but throughout the world. If you are uncertain to choose the brand of your air conditioner then you can visit various stores dealing in electrical and electronic appliances. The sales executives of these stores know the advantages and disadvantages of all the products they sell in daily routine. They can help you in selecting the best air conditioner for you. But it can be more convenient if you know some basic things about the popular brands of air condition in Singapore so that you can take a decision confidently.

Brief information about the three popular aircon brands in Singapore and their products is provided here under to help you in this regard. You can compare the features and prices of their products to reach at a right decision according to your needs. Most of the people using the products of either of these brands are satisfied to great extent as all of them are the producers of quality products. But still there can be some difference in their features and other factors which can influence your decision. So after considering all the facts you should make a wise decision while purchasing an aircon in Singapore.


This popular brand offers wide range of electronic products according to the needs of a very wide range of industrial and commercial as well as domestic consumers. They incorporate the latest technologies in their products including air conditioners to make them the best according to the needs of their customers. All the products of Panasonic including air conditioners are environment friendly. The air conditioners of this company have been reviewed by the users in Singapore on the basis of their energy efficiency as it helps them in saving lots of money in their utility bills. Panasonic air conditioners provide enough comfort to the domestic and commercial users when temperature rises high in Singapore.

Panasonic was established in Japan in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita, a businessman and tinker. His desire to create things of value has laid foundation stone of Panasonic. The legacy left by the founder of this company continues to live today, even after more than a century, with the help of its engineers and technicians.

Undoubtedly Panasonic is one of the biggest electronic companies of the world as its air conditioners are primarily searched by the customers while buying them on the basis of their reduced noise, innovative features, energy efficiency and cleaner air. Many Singaporean consumers have rated Panasonic air conditioners for five star rating as they save lots of their money through the energy efficiency feature of the brand by reducing their utility bills

Panasonic has released a number of models to air conditioners according to the needs of every user including domestic, industrial and commercial. So you can choose a Panasonic air conditioner as per your requirements to live and work comfortably in Singapore.


It is another leading manufacturer of high class air conditioning, ventilating and cooling systems of the world. The appliances produced by Mitsubishi meet up the requirements of residential, industrial and commercial establishments through their energy efficiency and performance. Thus you can live a comfortable life in your home, office or work place with the help of AC units produced by Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi is producing air conditioners since 1921 and on the basis of its long experience is has become a renowned producer of perfectly designed air conditioners of the world. Many buyers in Singapore have praised for the aircons of Mitsubishi on the basis of their performance and high quality as they helped in making their indoor life comfortable in an eco-friendly and healthy environment at a very affordable cost. Another reason of the popularity of Mitsubishi products in Singapore is that they offer the longest warranties for all their products as compared to other producers in the industry.


Daikin is another Japanese brand that has proved its presence in Singapore by prodicing quality air conditioners. Its branch in Singapore was established at the time when economy of this country was growing, in 1968. Daikin Singapore introduced multi-split air conditioners for the first time for the home owners in HDB, Singapore. In 1986 it also introduced VRV aircon systems for the first time for commercial units. The users were allowed to control the cooling in their individual spaces or floors with the help of VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems. This is considered as the most intelligent innovation in the air conditioning industry so far. Daikin Singapore has been awarded for the Trusted Brand Award for providing air conditioning solutions for all including residential, industrial and commercial units. Most of the Singaporeans have reviewed Daikin aircons as the most cost efficient and energy saving products in this industry.

Thus you can find large variety of brands in Singapore air conditioning industry while buying the best on for your home or office. The review of 3 top air conditioning brands provided in this write up will help you in making a confident decision in this regard.