Friday, 9 September 2016

Daikin NX Series Review

When choosing a good air conditioning system quite a few things have to be kept in mind. First and foremost, there are literally scores of models and brands of air conditioners and therefore choosing the right one could often be a tough and difficult task. A number of things must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system. There should be enough space for ducting and in today’s real life situation this might be a bit task especially in homes where space is a constraint. However, today there are new technologies which make it possible for us to choose air conditioners which help us to conserve space and at the same time help customers to have the best of cooling effect, power and performance. Though there could be many such brand and models available in the market, we will have a closer look at the Daikin NX series and find out why they are held in such high esteem amongst thousands of customers. Hence it would be interesting to have a closer look at the various features which make it so very popular.

It is Extremely Versatile
One of the main reasons why Daikin cooling and heating systems are so much in demand is because of the fact that it is suitable for cooling small as well as big rooms. It comes in different sizes and capacities and can cool anything between two to nine rooms quite easily. The best thing is that it can do using a single outdoor unit. It has a number of varieties and models available and therefore it should not be a big challenge selecting the right model after taking into account specific needs and requirements of the customers. There are quite a few models which effortlessly blend into the theme and size of your home and easily take care of the cooling and heating requirements irrespective of the size of the rooms. It comes many advanced technical features which help it to control the individual heating and cooling of rooms, thereby ensuring optimal performances. At the same time it has the best of technologies to ensure lower running costs and big savings on power especially from the long term perspective.

What Makes This Air Conditioner So Very Difficult 
One of the main reasons why thousands of customers continue to repose their confidence in the Daikin NX series is because it is famous for it easy and simple maintenance. There could be other similar brand and models available with the same specifications and attributes. However, maintaining them and keeping them in good working condition is a big challenge. This is not the case with Dakin NX. It has well defined and easily identifiable malfunction codes. This is available for each and every outdoor unit. They are visible digitally through and easy to identify display system which is available on the remote controllers. This makes it extremely easy for easy identification of the problems and fast diagnosis and rectifications. Quite a few of the problems can be handled by the customers themselves.

Automatic Temperature Control
According to many customers and critics this is a special air conditioner because it has one of the most efficient auto temperature control facilities. It comes with a power and highly advanced micro compressor. This goes a long way in automatically controlling the speed of the fan. This helps a lot in adjusting the temperature of the room and brings down or increases the temperature in line with changing with the needs and requirements of customers.

Unique Memory And Auto Restart Functions
In today’s world where time is a constraint there is no doubt that it might not be possible to start the AC on time so that they are able to enjoy the benefits once the customers are back home from their work of business. It has a unique memory function. In other words it has the capacity to memorize the settings which you find is suitable and favorite for you and your family members. The settings could include a whole lot of things ranging from temperature, mode of operation, airflow, total duration for which the air conditioner should run and so on. Hence you need not set these parameters each and every time and this certainly save you lot of time and effort. Even if there is a power failure, the automatic settings will not get erased. There also is the facility of overriding these automatic features and making changes as and when necessary.

Unique Program Dry Feature
It has another important feature which is worth mentioning. This is referred to as program dry function. With this function, it is possible to remove humidity from the room without impacting the temperature to the maximum extent possible. It has a technology by which the unit will automatically move into cooling mode. This will happen when the temperature increases beyond a threshold limit.

The Best Of Customer Services
Another major reason why there is a continued demand for Daikin NX series of air conditioners is because of the top class services which are provided by the customers. They have a well distributed and well thought out distribution network. Apart from having a well defined warranty, guarantee, replacement and refund policies, they also have a wide network of service providers who can help you get the spare parts well in time and they are not usually in short supply. Complaints on functioning of the machine can be lodged over phone or online or even mails can be sent. They are attended within the shortest period of time.


Hence when all the above parameters, functions and specifications are taken into account, there are many reasons to believe that Daikin NX air conditioners are built to last for a long period of time. They offer the best value for money to the customers and they will well and truly offer the best value for money. They are perfectly suited for the modern homes because they help a lot in saving on space which certainly is a big constraint today. All in all there are reasons to buy it and make it as a companion of your home for years to come.