Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Common Aircon Servicing Categories

Most of the aircon services companies in Singapore offer their services to both residential and commercial clients. Some services are best suited for residential premises, while others are perfect for a commercial unit.

If you pay a visit to an aircon professional company, here are the common categories of aircon services you should expect from them;

1. One-Time General Aircon Services
This is supposedly the most common aircon servicing category, and it entails the cleaning of the outdoor condenser/indoor fan coil, clearing the drainage piping, and studying the entire aircon system. Other than the named duties, the aircon specialist will also carry out the following services;

• Vacuuming the drainage system and the drainage pan for a ceiling mount fan coil
• Checking the purifying and deodorizing filters
• Checking and cleaning the air filter, the cover, and the front panel
• Monitoring and brushing the outdoor condenser coil
• Checking and cleaning the indoor evaporator coil as well as the drainage tray in a wall mount fan coil
• Tightening the electrical contacts
• Checking the compressor suction along with the discharge gas pressure
• Checking and fixing the fan bearing and lubricate when needed

Such services help to enhance the efficiency of the aircon unit, offering a cleaner and healthier air, preventing a possible system breakdown, as well as fixing any water leak issue in the unit.

2. Yearly Contract Aircon Servicing
Here, the service company will offer two different maintenance packages, including a Quarterly and a Tri-yearly package. The Quarterly package covers four aircon services in a year, while the Tri-year offers three services in a year.

The aircon specialist will offer similar services offered under the One-Time aircon servicing. Keep in mind that you will need to pay a full year up front if you prefer this type of service. The price of a contract will range from one company to another. Some air conditioning premises might also require extra services, which means you will have to pay some additional fee.

Always ensure that you ask the aircon servicing company about what they offer and if you can afford it. Never sign a contract before knowing the total cost of the service.

3. Aircon Servicing Deals and Promotions
These are regular aircon services that are offered under a specific discount or promotional offer. For instance, the service company will offer a specific discount on the aircon services along with a free voucher worth a specific amount of money. Also, other companies will offer a special discount to new aircon installation or for selected brands of aircon.

4. Aircon Chemical Cleaning Services
This category of aircon services entail a thorough overhaul of the A/C fan coil unit, and it is normally recommended when the general cleaning services do not enhance the performance and condition of the unit.

The services also vary slightly from the general services, and they include the following;

• Test running the system
• Dismantling individual fan coil parts for performing a chemical wash
• Servicing the electronic circuit board along with the fan motor
• Checking the control and thermostats
• Disconnecting the refrigerant piping and the electrical wiring
• Dismantling the entire fan coil unit
• Assembling the fan coil when the chemical washing is complete
• Installing the fan coil unit and connecting the refrigerant piping and electrical wiring

These services are delivered to help fix any possible water leak, extend the lifespan of the aircon, save on the total maintenance cost, and enhancing the cooling of the unit while limiting the electrical consumption.

5. Aircon Checking and Troubleshooting Service
This service entails the evaluation of the aircon condition, delivering the most economical solution, as well as advising the client on the repair costs and how to prevent a unit breakdown. The scope of work under this category include the following;

• Preparing a relevant quotation on the aircon parts that need to be repaired
• Troubleshooting the aircon system faults
• Preparing service reports on the faults found as well as recommend a suitable repair action
• Educating the customer on the findings and giving the appropriate recommendations

Mostly, a reliable aircon service company will only charge for the transportation.The troubleshooting service is usually done for free, so don’t expect to pay any money for that. Nonetheless, it is recommended to ask the aircon service company and be sure if you will pay for the troubleshooting services or not.

6. Aircon Printed Circuit Board, PCB, Repair Services
This category of service entails the testing and replacement of electronics components that are faulty. The PCB testing and repair services are normally carried out in the company’s workshop. Here, the scope of work covered include the following;

• Dismantling the PCB on site.
• Sending the PCB to the workshop for examination
• Advising the customer on what to do after the examination is done
• Delivering the relevant repair work
• Testing the PCB for about two to four days once the repair is done. The testing can be done on the company’s premises, but it must be in-house for an accurate analysis.
• Installing back the PCB once it is tested and proven to function properly.

Keep in mind that the repair cost might change with regard to the damage complexity. Also, the aircon capacity will affect the cost of testing and repair the PCB. This type of service helps to save the cost of buying a new board.

Always ask the aircon specialist about what they offer and the exact money you would expect to pay before hiring them to handle your aircon unit. Above all, go to a skilled and experienced company that will handle your aircon unit professionally.