Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Aircon Cleaning and Maintenance Tips and why it’s Important to Service Them

With the continuously hot weather in Singapore, fans and air conditioning services have become very important equipment for most people. Whether you have several standing fans, ceiling fan or one of the most modern aircon, one thing is true- they all need proper servicing. Although this is one job that you might put off, it’s a very important procedure. By doing this, your air will be less polluted, cleaner, and your equipment will remain in a good working condition for a very long time.

Why cleaning aircon is important in Singapore

·  It prolongs the lifespan- Aircon servicing is very important as it usually prolongs the life of the equipment. If you take good care of it and remove any defects, it will continuously run without any problem. This will reduce any chances of going back to the shop to buy a new one.

·  You will prevent any water leakage- If your air conditioner is filled with fungus and dirt, it might not be able to function in a good way. This might lead to many problems such as leakage which is not only dangerous but also causes it to work extra hard.

·  Cleaner breathing air- Whether you are at home or at work, it’s very important to ensure that you are breathing clean air. You should, therefore, ensure that your aircon equipment is serviced at all times.

·  Saves money, electricity and improves efficiency- Cleaning aircon ensures that it works the way it’s supposed to. This will not only save you utility bills but also saves you a lot of money<br><br>·  Detect the problems early enough- Although many Singaporeans do not even think of servicing their units, this is very bad. By cleaning the unit and servicing them early you will be able to detect any kind of problem early enough.

Top 7 Aircon cleaning and servicing tips

While aircon cleaning and servicing might seem to be a hard task, this is rarely the case. This becomes even easier if you realize that it can save you a lot in the end. A clean unit will not only use less power but will also ensure that you are always breathing clean air. With just little cleaning and maintenance, you will improve your health in a great way. Here are some of the tips.

·  Clean the main body- If you own a split unit, you need to carefully lift the lid and remove the filter. Next, wipe away the dust and then clean the inside with soap and water. Once you are through, leave it to dry before returning the things back.

·  Remove the filters-
Remove the filters and use running water to clean them. To remove the debris, you can vacuum them. After cleaning allow them to dry out before returning them back. Since the filters remove the dust particles if they are full of dirt they will only remove a few particles. In order to avoid this, you need clean them at least once a month.

·  Brush away the dust- It’s also important to brush away the dust with a stiff brush and then cover the moving part or electric wires with plastic. Next, use a spray bottle to clean away any dust that might still be stuck in the coils. While you can use water, if there is a lot of dirt, try using a cleaning detergent.

·  Air con vent maintenance- Before thinking about why your aircon is blowing warm air, some maintenance procedure such as checking the vents is very important. Dust, dirt, and any other blockages can reduce the amount of clean air circulating in the room thereby making your air conditioner being not cold. A thorough cleaning of the filter should be done to ensure that your aircon is working well again.

·  Air compressor unit surrounding maintenance- If you are staying on the ground floor in Singapore, grass, trailing weeds, and other plants usually grow quickly and swiftly thereby obscuring the outside unit of your aircon. With regular mowing and pruning, it’s very easy for these plants and grass to start interfering with your equipment. Keeping the outside environment free of pants, weeds, and grime will greatly improve the lifespan of your unit. Thankfully, this requires no special equipment hence can easily be done by anybody.

·  Condenser coil maintenance- The limited flow of air you are experiencing in your house may be as a result of a blocked filter. A blocked filter can reduce the temperature of the evaporator coil such that they can ice up and significantly reduce the unit effectiveness. If this happens, you will see some ice on the cols. Basic cleaning and maintaining the coils after cleaning your vents and filters can greatly improve its efficiency.

·  Aircon evaporator coil maintenance-
The aircon evaporator should also be cleaned at least once a year as part of your regular cleaning routine. This is to prevent any reduction in the way it’s working. Once the inspection and the insulation hatch have been removed, the tray and the evaporator should be cleaned thoroughly. This will eventually leave the unit ready to work for another 12 months.

·  Cleaning the fan- If you have an aircon unit you will realize that dust accumulate easily. However, to ensure that it remains in a good working condition, it should be cleaned and handled with care. First, use a vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust and then use a soft cloth to wipe it well.

Remember, if you leave the unit wet it might gather more dust. It’s, therefore, important to use a dry cloth to wipe it and the right screwdriver to tighten it well. Since safety is one of the most important requirements, you need to take precaution. For instance, your unit should be turned off. As a matter of fact, you need to unplug it to ensure that there is no power getting in. It is much better to take safety precaution than to regret later.

Wrap Up

Well, cleaning aircon and aircon servicing is a process that should be carried out regularly. If you clean and service your unit at least once a month, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the best performance. You will not only enjoy cool air but also relieve yourself from a lot of stress. Since it’s true that not everybody can service their equipment alone if you are busy you can engage the services of a professional.