Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Reasons to Why You Should Service Your Aircon

The use of aircon in Singapore is popular in homes, shopping malls, offices, hotels, etc. This is due to the tropical weather that is experienced in this country. Aircons, therefore, become essential for use by corporations as well as families so as to maintain a conducive  environment wherever you are. They are basically used almost all day and night.

Well, your aircon gives you the best of service at the exact time you want, but do you service it? Talking about servicing an aircon, you might ask, why service your aircon? Well, in fact, this is a
common question that has been asked by a number of people who use air conditioners. But isn't it common knowledge that machines usually go through wear and tear and they, therefore, need some kind of maintenance so as to ensure proper functioning?

It is acceptable that not everyone is interested in machines. With that in consideration, it is important to make it known to you that your aircon needs some servicing for it to function in an effective and efficient way as well as give you service for a longer period. To make you understand this better, here
are some concrete reasons as to why service your aircon when needed.

Reasons as to Why Service Your Aircon

1. To Clean Parts and Improve Indoor Air Quality
We all want proper air circulation despite where we are. Whether at home,  in the office, or in the mall you will feel more peaceful when having a circulation of fresh air. Therefore, so as to maintain a fresh flow of  air, the aircon needs servicing. Servicing it helps to remove the  impurities that exist such as pollen, dust, insects, dirt, and a number  of other pollutants in general. Once the air filters are serviced, you  are sure of the aircon offering fresh air. The service will also prevent the damaging of the aircon unit by the impurities.

2. Helps Detect and Replace Damaged Parts
As already said, machines do go through wear and tear. It is, therefore,  possible that some parts of the aircon might be damaged. If any damaged part is detected, it is important to replace it there and then so as to  avoid it leading to another problem in the days to come. A professional  will do this best.

3. Helps to Maintain Your Respiratory Health

Breathing is part of what keeps us alive as humans. Not only breathing but breathing in clean air free of impurities. Therefore, if your air conditioner has its filter clogged with impurities such as pollen, dirt, and dust it can be quite harmful to your respiratory health. If you already have existing conditions like hay fever, asthma, and other allergies they might be worsened. Avoiding such scenarios is as easy as ensuring your aircon is serviced.

4. Improves the Effectiveness of the Aircon
The reason as to why the aircon exist in the first place is to give you the best of service it was designed to provide. When new, it works perfectly well and you enjoy the environment it creates. But with time, the output of the air conditioner begins to lower in quality. But this does not mean it will perform poorly all along, all it needs is some service so as to make sure all parts are in place and running as they should.

5. Saves on Major Repair Bills and Costly Replacements
Do you think that doing a service is expensive? Well hold your thought and think again. Without servicing your air conditioner from time to time it will obviously cost you more at the end. The small problems that are left unattended to can lead to an enormous problem with time. It can even lead to a permanent breakdown. Some serious repairs can be as costly as replacing the whole unit. To avoid all these unnecessary expenses all it costs is simple servicing from time to time.

6. Improves Energy Usage
Did you know that an aircon with a malfunction works as twice as hard to  give you a service? As it struggles to work, it also consumes twice as much energy. This makes the electric bill to shoot and in the long run, you will be losing a lot of money on electricity. To reduce your  electric bill, ensure regular servicing of the aircon.

7. Protect the Environment
Sometimes a defective air conditioner can be a hazard to the environment. This is because, if it gets to the stage where it leaks it can release some greenhouse gases and HFC's that are harmful to the environment leading to global warming. You can not personally detect if the aircon is  leaking and therefore need the services of a professional to service it and stop leaking if already existing or prevent it if not yet there.

8. Eliminate Foul Odors

Sometimes it is possible to tell of a foul order coming out of the aircon unit.  This is normally as a result of the accumulation of bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms inside the air conditioning unit. If you take notice of any kind of weird smell from the aircon it means you need to  take action. Solving this problem might involve a chemical wash which will also prevent the build-up from forming again.

9. Prevents Chances of Premature Damage
Chances are you had to forego a lot in order purchase an aircon. You would not want for it to knock down completely along the way. You can prevent its premature damage by ensuring a proper maintenance plan. It is easier to replace parts that are faulty than to replace the whole unit as a result
of under maintenance.

10. Comply with Manufacturer Warranty Requirements
Various brands offer different warranty conditions. Some will require you to regularly service your aircon as a way of maintaining the unit. If you want to have full advantage of the warranty when needed, it is important that you comply with the requirements of the manufacturer.

So, why service your aircon? You now have more than enough reasons to seek professional aircon servicing today if you have never done it before. Servicing your aircon will benefit you in a number of ways and also save you a lot when it comes to repairs and the cost of electricity. Service it today and notice the difference.