Sunday, 29 July 2018

How To Choose the Best Aircon Services in Singapore

Singapore is a very humid country because it does not experience winter or spring. Therefore, it is imperative to find the best air conditioner servicing company because working without an AC is near to impossible. Finding a professional service provider is quite challenging because many companies that claim to be good can end up disappointing. Caution should thus be taken when looking for professional air con servicing company. If you do not know where to begin, the following tips will be of great help during the searching exercise.

• Ask friends and family for recommendations
Since Singapore is humid throughout the year, air conditioners tend to be overworked. They thus break often and need cleaning regularly. Finding an experienced technician is, therefore, the most important thing. The best way to look for a qualified servicing company is by asking for referral and recommendations from your friends as well as family. They could refer you to a reputable company that they have worked with thus making it easier for you when finding the best air con servicing company.

• Research
Once you have been given some recommendations, it is wise to do your own research about the companies that you have been referred to. You can visit their websites, read their reviews and testimonials, and check their ratings to see what customers say about them. You may also research on some other companies.

• Experience
Checking the experience of the air conditioner servicing company is also imperative. Before you hire the company to repair and maintain your AC, make sure you find out how long they have been providing the services. The longer they have served customers, the better their services are.

• Availability and flexibility
A company that is available around the clock is the best because you will not worry even if your AC breaks at night. More so, a company that is flexible such that it offers door-to-door services whenever and wherever the customer requests is the one to select. You will just make a call and request for their services instead of taking your AC to them. Thus, ensure you have checked how flexible the company you want to hire is and their availability schedule. In case of a problem with the item, you should be able to reach out to the technicians from the company without having to wait so long for the response.

• Follow-up services
Before you hire a servicing company, ensure that you know their activities and customer relations. Find out how the company relates to its customers and whether it follows up even after providing the required repair services. Companies that follow-up are the best because they care about the wellbeing of their clients. More so, a company that regularly checks in with the client to ensure that the AC is right tends to be big, established and experienced. Therefore, this is a company that you should consider hiring to service your AC.

• Contact the professionals
Once you have identified a particular service provider, it is essential to contact them before hiring them. Reputable companies should have contact phones and emails listed on their website, newspapers and in directions. In case you realize that the company you identified does not have any contacts, the best thing is to cross them out. Such companies may be unprofessional, and if you hire them, they can end up doing a substandard job.

• Confirm their legitimacy
A company that is legit must be having a list of customers that they have served in the past. For you to know whether the company is legit, contact the customers listed on their websites and ask about their experiences with the company. If you get more positive comments, then you can think about considering the company. If you are looking for the online companies, make sure that you check for their credibility to avoid being scammed.

• Insurance
The government of Singapore requires all service providers to be insured. Therefore, check the coverage of the company that you are about to hire. Insurance is important because it acts as protection or precaution to the clients. Thus, even if something goes wrong, you will not worry because you know that the company that is servicing your air conditioner is insured.

• License and certification
A renowned air conditioner servicing company in Singapore should have all the necessary documentation to show that they are qualified. For you to confirm that the company has the right qualifications, you should ask the company to provide you with their licensure and other essential documents. The company should also provide you with practicing certificates. A company that refuses to hand you their license and certifications is probably not legit thus it refrain yourself from hiring it. Additionally, check whether the service providers have the necessary tools for the job. Having the right tools is a sign of reliability and quality.

• Cost
Cost is also a good indicator that a company is qualified or offers poor services. Most consumers tend to think that an expensive air-con company is the most qualified. However, some companies over-charge their services and end up providing substandard services. Some companies may be cheap but offer excellent services. However, most cheap companies are startups. Thus they lack the experience. A company that has been in practice for many years will offer prices that are neither high nor low, thus accommodating people of all types.

• Customer services
Customer-relations is what attracts most clients. If the company has terrible customer reception, that’s an indication that they do not care about your problems. More so, such a company may offer mediocre services. Therefore, when looking for a company, be very keen to observe how they talk to you, how they respond to your problems and how fast they react when you contact them.

Numerous companies in Singapore offer air conditioner services. However, only a few of these companies provide reliable services thus it is very wise to do expensive research before hiring a particular company. Once you find a company that you feel will repair and maintain your AC with expertise, do not rush to hire them. There are so many other things, some of which have been listed above that you have to check before settling on a particular air con service provider.